All I Wanted Was Coffee...


Today was a day.

I was home with my youngest son August for most of the day, which was great because I'm usually not able to spend extended amounts of time with him like this during the week. It's almost as if he knew this opportunity might not come around again for a while, making sure to expel every last ounce of energy he could find. 

After failing miserably to get him down for a nap (which is pretty much a daily occurrence) he finally fell asleep somehow. But of course after putting a 2-year old back in his bed at least 10 times (because he's now able to climb out his crib), I lost the will to complete any of the tasks I set out accomplish. He wakes up an hour too soon and what does he have to say for himself - "Snack, Daddy. Snack."

I calmly direct him back to the lunch plate he never finished earlier, but the taste for carrots are now long gone. I honestly don't even remember what I ended up giving him for a snack and it wasn't even that long ago. Parent brain I guess.

Somehow, I survived the day long enough to pick up my oldest son Aaren, at 4:15. I remember the exact time because I remember calculating how much time I had left before their bedtime, which wasn't for another 4 hours...

If I was going to make it for the next 4 hours, there was only one way to do it: with coffee. So, I go to QuickStop on the way home to get a 16oz cup of 'you can do this Dad', and they actually had French Vanilla creamer - that never happens! We get home, I start getting their food prepped for dinner later, and I notice August in my room messing with my computer, because no matter how high or how far away I put it, he always gets a hold of it. I go in the room, and as I'm escorting him out of the door, my heart drops. My coffee was spilled on the floor.

I placed it on my wife's desk for literally less than 5 minutes. All day, I waited for the moment when I'd be able to drink my coffee in peace. I don't think I've looked forward to anything more than this, the entire month of January. He didn't just spill my coffee. He spilled my hope. He spilled my peace. After a day like today, drinking a cup of coffee would be considered success. I probably would've finished the coffee in 10 minutes, but I needed that 10 minutes. 

This happened hours ago, but I'm still trying to process it all. August was standing right next to me at the time of discovery, so I couldn't react or respond - this was the hardest part of all. Because, when I think about it, I'm sure it was accidental. He often likes to bring us things and that's most likely what he was doing, trying to bring Daddy his coffee; how can I get upset at that? But I was. 

The moral of the story here, is to never leave QuickStop with one item. Thankfully, I also bought 2 packs of Airheads to go with my coffee (unlikely combo, I know) to help soothe the day away, so all was not lost. But I did really want that coffee though...